How Rude!

I’m really starting to question human kind in general. A lot. On friday there was a caretaker yelling at an elderly lady for sitting in the chair next to the one he told her to sit in at the bank. It was horrible and I told him so. It was an abuse of power. It takes such a big man to verbally abuse little old ladies in public. I wonder how he treats her behind closed doors? This sweet lady probably worked her whole life to retire, and then pay for the care she needs, and he thought it was ok to treat her like she wasn’t an adult let alone human. Perhaps the lady had dementia and when her family looked into her eyes they saw a shadow of her former self. Maybe they were less bright now than they were before the man she spent fifty years building a lasting life and love with took his departure from this earth before her. Maybe it’s bitter sweet for her to welcome the growing list of grandchildren without him by her side . Or maybe she’s a nasty old spinster who never got married to begin with because she was bitter with the world and life and general and no one can stand her . Either way, the point is , the elderly came before us, and their wrinkles represent the storms weathered, the children they gained and lost, the life they once knew and the lives they now know. It’s not difficult to hold a door, or smile and say hello. Soon we will all blink our eyes and we will be there too. How do we want to be treated?