I’m A Tech HO

At last its Friday night and I am snuggled down deep in my head.   And my bed, but I’m digging in my head too.  This is an exciting night for me.  After months of nagging my husband, I finally located a hair on his head I haven’t turned grey yet and I threatened it.  I threatened to yank it.  Make him completely grey if he didn’t allow a new laptop to enter the threshold of our home.  Through blood, sweat, tears and promises of things only I know help me get my own way, he crumbled like everything I’ve ever tried to bake. ( I’m horrible at remembering to set the timer when I’m baking or forgetting ingredients or I’ll get distracted texting with someone I absolutely haven’t texted with for at least 10 minutes. I have a  99.99 percent fail rate, and the 1 percent that isn’t is Pillsbury)  And now I’m writing my blog for the first time on a shiny new laptop.   The laptop I just absolutely couldn’t live without.  Obviously with me having ADHD there are some things I cannot be in charge of.  One of those things is more than a couple hundred bucks at a time.  Otherwise there would be a lot more boxing gear, tech gadgets and boots in our house.  I just had the funniest thought.  If I were to require use of the facilities, they are just across the hall.  My grandparents went to a bathroom in an outhouse. Even in the winter.  They probably had red rings of frostbite on their bums if they slipped while hovering and I wanted a laptop so desperately because the typing on the touchscreen tablet was highly annoying for me and I absolutely couldn’t live like that any longer.  It has become obvious the outhouse would have been a complete fail if I had to resort to that.  Because a tablet was too much of a hassle for me.  I have ADHD, I like to have things done in a hurry, and the processors on tablets are not fast enough for me and I cannot type as fast as I would like.  I became obsessed over it and then I found that grey hair and here I am.   So this morning I was all hyped up buying a laptop and then I brought it home, left it on a chair in the living room, didn’t even open the box for like six hours because I got distracted doing a ton of other stuff.  Finally I got enough focus to fire it up. I played on it for two minutes, looked at my husband ” This set up process is taking forever, I have to get ice packs at Walmart”.  So off to Walmart we went mid set up.  On the laptop I absolutely had to have.  It took me 12 hours to use it.  But now at least I recognize it.  I think my boot collection and technology collection and books, the books…..I need a rule.  You know how they say you shouldn’t go grocery shopping on an empty stomach?  Well I shouldn’t go shopping on an empty stomach or unless my ADHD meds have been in my  system for at least two hours.